Saturday, January 1, 2011

Marimba Ani - Yurugu-Afrocentric Communalism

Please view the following videos, take notes and answer the discussion questions below. 

Critical Thinking and Discussion Questions: 

  1. Based on your observations, what is the "object" that is used by European imperialist?
  2. What is the political strategy that the creation of the "object" is used for?
  3. What social title and definition would you describe for the creation of this object and how is it used?
  4. What social title does the African perspective for the social living?
  5. What are your collective thoughts about each of the videos provided?
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  1. Question 1:

    The object used by European imperialist is just as it is stated; a tangible structure to be used for the benefit of the European. For example, Europeans would not look to people of color as persons with a soul or spirit, but as an object for control to benefit themselves.

    Question 2:
    The strategy for Europeans is absolute control; this is what they crave and pursue. So instead of looking at others as people holistically as a spirit and justice for all, they separate the spirit from everything, rationalize everything and thus everything becomes an object.

    Question 3 and 4:
    The African title or label is holistic and spiritual, so this is a complete opposite of what European philosophy adheres to.

    Question 5:
    I think it is necessary to note that if we want to obtain our power back that we must understand that the European has manipulated the mentality and spirituality of Black people. Once we realize this and change our mindset and become proactive for attaining our spirituality and justice, our day will come.


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