Forum Instructions

The purpose of this blog is to engage the viewer/learner in knowledge and cultural awareness of African principles of holistic development as well as to establish a system of networking and communality amongst people of like-minds and spirit in order to expose the mentality and overt practice of  European world domination.

Please view this instructional page before proceeding to other pages within the forum. 

Videos for Education

The instructions for this blog/forum are pretty simple. First view and annotate each video for your educational needs. Below each video will be a short set of questions regarding the videos viewed to establish discussion and further knowledge-sharing about the concepts. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability in the comment section below the videos.

Instructions for Commenting
Below the videos is a link for commenting, please click the link below. Once you click the link below, you can comment on the video by answering the questions above or below the videos. You can join the group by signing in using the following social networks: Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, Open ID or write your name and your URL. The optimal way would be to join with a Google account and therefore, it would make it much easier to participate on the forum. On the bottom of the comment box, it says "Comment as: " This is where you sign in your name and then you can comment on the blog post.

Once your comment is completed, a forum administrator will respond to your statements and open the lines for further discussion. After one week of discussion, all participants in the first set of videos will move to the second set and continue the process of video education. If you have any further questions or suggestions about the nature of this forum, please feel free to contact at

Networking opportunities in a cooperative economic fashion will be encourage. The purpose of this section is to open lines of communication to share knowledge and resources so that community will be established that can help towards nation-building. More information about this section will be forthcoming; please look out for more details. 

Thanks for participating in our forum. 
 Remember "Know Thy Self".